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    An intensive program for young and upcoming evecutives

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    Y-C helps companies to empower their management teams

  • Eight stroke breathing for ENERGY ANS STRESS RELEASE

    Balance your daily consumption of life force

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A new dimension of leadership

Classic management models, based on a prevalently rational approach,
are no longer sufficient. As in today’s world, managers
must offer a new dimension of leadership that features qualities
previously regarded as “soft” or incidental.

Y-C Coaching

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Mind Body Excercise

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How can Yoga Coaching® supports leaders

Yoga Coaching provides leaders with in-depth tools that recover energy, manage stress, aid mental clarity and decision-making, stimulate creativity, develop effective communication and leadership skills, improve sleep patterns and boost resilience and regeneration.

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The time has come to develop a new dimension of leadership, as qualities that were once regarded as “soft” have now become indispensable.

Energy Recovery

Increase your energy levels, recovery times, flexibility and resilience through the informed management of breathing, movement, diet, sleep and motivation.

Stress Management

Improve your personal response to objective stress factors, including emergencies, by lowering your level of perceived stress with presence and efficacy.

Mental Clarity

Optimize decision-making by exploiting your intuitive intelligence and increasing your focus, concentration and clarity.

Communication Efficacy

Harmonize and reinforce team dynamics by learning to communicate in ways that are more confident and aware.

Leadership Development

Strengthen your personal impact on your team and sphere of action by developing and training your endocrine and nervous systems to empower your charisma, creativity and awareness.


By conquering your mind you will conquer the world.

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Long-lasting benefits from daily exercises!

Gianluca Sala, Head of Central Operations - Carglass SpA

Not a form of meditation that takes away from real life! Quite the opposite!

Alessandro Abbondanza, Sales Director- Noccioltost Srl

Yoga Coaching turned out to be exactly what I needed

Lucia Tagliaferri, Marketing Director South Europe - SCA Hygiene products