Second edition of the instructor course for Brain Longevity certification

The second edition of the Brain Longevity® instructor course was held in Bologna at the Karam Khand center. In four days full of training (two weekends) 20 new Italian Brain Longevity Instructors were certified. A sparkling and cohesive group, ready to divulge the Brain Longevity protocol in Italy with passion and professionalism according to the experience and teachings of the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation USA.

The training is aimed at yoga teachers, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, enthusiasts who want to help other people keep their cognitive functions fit for a long time.

Brain Longevity for the prevention of memory disorders

Since 2017, the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation decided to share the valuable knowledge gained over many years of study and research. The Brain Longevity protocol is the result of 25 years of studies in collaboration with the most prestigious American universities and medical schools, as well as 25 years of direct experience with people who are experiencing memory problems, cognitive efficiency or even dementia or Alzheimer’s. The Brain Longevity protocol is composed of in-depth knowledge, lifestyle indications and valuable advice, as well as a protocol of respiratory and meditative practices that have the power to make brain functions more efficient and have been proven effective in preventing Alzheimer’s.

Meditative practices with scientifically proven efficacy

The practices contained in the Brain Longevity protocol, with scientifically proven efficacy on memory and mental clarity, come from Kundalini Yoga taught by Yogi Bhajan. These are complex practices in that they involve hand movements, respirations, repetitions of mantras, but at the same time practicable by anyone. These are meditation exercises that have scientifically proven efficacy even with just 12 minutes a day of practice.

Studies in this sense began in the 90s and since then have brought numerous evidence regarding the effects of these practices on cognitive functions, memory, mental lucidity and executive functions, as well as to counteract depression, the lack of sleep.

If you are interested in extending your professional skills, if you are a yoga teacher, physiotherapist or fitness trainer who wants to specialize in teaching Brain Longevity protocols to teach adults of any age you can find all the information on our website, here.