Guided meditation by Alessio Boni and Alessia Tanzi

One of the most fascinating areas that will shape our future in the field of research on the expression of ourselves as Human Beings is music. Music is a vibration that dialogues with our cells, which are also defined by vibratory qualities, to the point of interacting harmoniously with the genetic code, DNA.

It is now scientifically proven that sound waves impact our breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, neuro-endocrine response, brain waves, etc.

“Being healthy is vibrating in unison or resonating harmoniously. If the correct resonant frequency of a healthy organ is known and projected onto the diseased part, the organ can return to its normal frequency: the first step towards healing ” Alessio Boni

The science of sounds and 432 Hz music

The science of sounds is ancient and familiar to many spiritual traditions, from Yoga and meditation with the science of sounds, or “Naad”, to religious traditions of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu origins, to name only the main traditions that use or have used in history sounds as a way of connecting with Divinity and for devotional purposes.

It seems that the music that has the most beneficial impact on our fundamental vibrations and therefore on our psychophysical system is the music tuned to a A at 432Hz, on which the Scala Aurea is based (source: Riccardo Tristano Tuis), also based on the mathematics of the eight, which corresponds by the way to the vibratory frequency of the center of the Earth, the so-called “Schumann frequency” (7.88Hz). 432 Hz music, being tuned to the harmony frequencies of our body’s biochemical processes, supports and activates the healing process.


432Hz music and guided meditation for your Heart

Thanks to our partner GurYou, the musician Alessio Boni and I have created a guided meditation for the Heart. It is a meditation consisting of a specific music composed at 432Hz and a vocal guide for a breathing and visualization. This meditation stimulates, harmonizes and strengthens the heart center of the listener.

The Music for the Heart that you can download for free here lasts 11 minutes, long enough to have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and the heart. It will naturally and deeply affect the balance and health of your Heart.


You can do it every day for 21 days. Then, we will be happy to have your feedback here or on our Social profiles.

Alessio Boni is a composer of soundtracks, arranger, multi-instrumental musician and sound researcher. After years of experience dedicated to music ranging from Psychedelic to Rock, from Reggae to Bossa Nova, from Jazz to Metal and from Lounge to Electronic Jazz, he feels inside a new time, a new space and listening to his feeling a new beginning. Passing through Ambient music he then arrives at music for meditations. A celebration that arises from the union between sound research and the desire to transmit through sounds and vibrations an unprecedented music that tells eternal truths punctuated by melodies that seem to embroider a bright and floating fabric, that of intuitive sound.