The unique opportunity this week in Bologna: a conference with Andrew Verity, Master Neuro-Trainer, Australian researcher, founder of the College of Neuro-Training® in Australia and in Europe and author of the book “The efficient CEO brain”.

Andrew Verity is one of the top five Kinesiologists worldwide, will talk about the factors that improve brain performance conditions even in situations with high levels of stress.

How does the brain work and how to use it properly?

Andrew Verity answered this question by analyzing the brain in relation to hormones, glands, micro biomes, heavy metals.
In fact, we cannot discuss brain efficiency if we do not evaluate the relationship between the brain, microbiota and DNA of the bacteria that populate our intestine, for example. The human being has about 20,000 genes, but it contains 130,000 other genes of bacteria in the intestine!

“The brain works on the basis of how the nervous system learns and how our whole system works. For example, if the liver isn’t working properly, the brain won’t remember things because it can’t organize its chemistry to store. The sum of all our parts of the body affects the brain. How the brain works depends on how the body works “(Andrew Verity)