Brain Fitness: Third stage of the Brain & Career Longevity course in CFMT

Here we are in CFMT Milan for the Brain Fitness! The last, third part of  Brain and Career Longevity Course for managers.

The last, third part of the Brain and Career Longevity course designed in 2019 for parent leaders is dedicated to the brain, this sophisticated machine on which it depends largely on the quality of our lives.

In fact, even if desires, choices and decisions come rather from the Heart and the Belly (the other two brains, according to the latest research), it is the Brain that transmits them to the rest of the body through the autonomic, central and peripheral nervous system and translates them into the last analysis in thoughts, words, actions.

The secrets of managerial longevity from behind the scenes

Alessia Tanzi provides valuable information on the functioning of the brain and tips for keeping it trained, as well as a practical part with Neuro-Training procedures to strengthen brain longevity and managerial longevity. At each path, we host a special guest, top executive of experience who shares the secrets of managerial longevity with his group, from his personal point of view. A story from behind the scenes, without hiding crisis and difficulties. This time the special guest was Susanna Bellandi, Sofidel’s Global Communication and CRS Director.

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