We have completed another edition of the Brain Longevity® course, this time in Umbria. 11 people received the ARPF Brain Longevity Specialist certificate!

A wonderful and creative group, ready to spread the Brain Longevity protocol in Italy with passion and professionalism according to the experience and teachings of the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation USA.



Below, we want to share the feedback we received from the course participants:

“I still haven’t fully elaborated the 4 intensive days of Brain Longevity.
What I already feel I have acquired is a new vision that includes the opening of the scientific world and university research towards these ancient (probably millenary) techniques.
An effort that will be more fruitful if paid by those who mainly deal with yoga (like me) through a serious and committed personal growth path. From the collaborative approach of both parties, it will be possible to obtain ever greater results aimed at validating the millenary techniques from a scientific point of view with the aim, then, of promoting the care of human well-being at all social levels, therefore seen in a much broader than it is now.

Therefore, I hope that yoga can increasingly leave the “niche” of yoga centers.

Very important for me is the meeting on a human level with each of the participants … all of them … none excluded … even the lady of the structure who generously guided us to visit some unopened parts of the wonderful convent … and Emma, ​​the girl downstairs at the restaurant…. With their being, everyone contributed something extra, an added value that contributed to the richness of these training days.
Giulia Stabile”


“I trained as a Brain Longevity Specialist in 2019 and then I collaborated with Alessia Tanzi in organizing the 2021 and 2022 trainings.
Each edition is a new opportunity to study scientific research in support of brain health in detail and practice the techniques covered by this research. But what strikes me the most every time is the richness and professionalism of the group of people who decide to train as Brain Longevity Specialists. Everyone brings their own experience and knowledge to the course, a very rich personal and professional exchange is created within the group and this makes the experience unique, allowing everyone to take home much more than just a diploma.
Giovanna Calisti”

The place

This time we were welcomed in a magical place, relaisborgocampello.com, immersed in the enveloping nature of the Umbrian hills. But also a place steeped in spirituality for millennia. It is in fact the site that hosted a convent of cloistered nuns from 1326, and from 1935 an important convent of the Barnabite Fathers, scholars and philosophers.

What is Brain Longevity for the prevention of memory disorders?

Since 2017, the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation decided to share the valuable knowledge gained over many years of study and research. The Brain Longevity protocol is the result of 25 years of studies in collaboration with the most prestigious American universities and medical schools, as well as 25 years of direct experience with people who are experiencing memory problems, cognitive efficiency or even dementia or Alzheimer’s. The Brain Longevity protocol is composed of in-depth knowledge, lifestyle indications and valuable advice, as well as a protocol of respiratory and meditative practices that have the power to make brain functions more efficient and have been proven effective in preventing Alzheimer’s.


The four pillars are organized into four macro-contexts:

Diet. The health of our brains largely depends on the nutrients in food. Brain Longevity nutrition consists of guiding principles and the indication of foods and nutrients essential to nourish the brain, which is our blood and oxygen-hungry organ. It is based on a synthesis of the most recent scientific evidence in this regard.

Stress Management. The stress hormone, cortisol, damages neurons and synapses. Furthermore, aging makes us less efficient in managing stress and cortisol levels. Chronic and repeated stress and its negative effects on the body are probably the main cause of the degeneration of cognitive functions.

Physical and Mental Exercise. Defined by the ARPF as “Aerobics for the brain”, physical and mental exercise is essential because it can reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s by 50%. Exercise increases the blood supply to muscles and lungs, while mental exercise increases the flow of blood (and therefore oxygen) to the brain.

Spiritual Fitness. Psycho-spiritual well-being includes sociality and relationships with like-minded people, an attitude of patience and compassion, as well as having goals and projects that give a profound meaning to one’s existence. It also includes having a belief, religious or spiritual.


How is the training structured to become a specialist in the prevention of cognitive dysfunction and Alzheimer’s (Brain Longevity Specialist)?

n Italy, training to specialize and become an instructor takes place over 32 hours of teaching: two non-consecutive weekends or four consecutive days. The two-weekend setting is dictated by the need to allow participants to practice specific meditation exercises in the time between one session and the next. The setting in four consecutive days was dictated for the last edition by logistical needs also related to the current health emergency, but it proved to be very effective thanks to the intensity of work and comfortable because it lightens travel. That is the reason why we decided to repeat this last pattern for the Umbria edition.


Who can participate in the course and become a Brain Longevity Specialist?

By the will of the ARPF, the training has always been open to everyone, so it is not necessary to be a Kundalini Yoga teacher to participate. The intent of the Foundation is to welcome as many people as possible, so as to expand the number of those who can help in a very concrete way to combat the “epidemic” of Alzheimer’s and dementia in general.

At the end of the course participants receive the ARPF certification as Brain Longevity Specialist.

Contact us for more information on the Brain Longevity Specialist certification.