Beauty: from appearance to inner well-being

For around 40 years now I’ve been working in the field of Beauty.
It is a term which embraces a number of things, all of which share one common denominator: the individual, the person and his or her body.
By very definition, the Beauty field works on the appearance of the individual. Yet increased awareness of Neurosciences, day-to-day malaise and the ever-increasing “need” people experience to find an alternative dimension to their lives, has brought about considerable change in this sphere. The result has seen the emergence of a new professional which has yet to be classified. It is a role based around that of the “beautician” but with far broader competences, and above all with an awareness that goes beyond what was required in days gone by.

The transformation of aesthetics is underway

The transformation is already underway. Needless to say, it is not occurring right across the board, but in the Beauty sphere as a whole the profile of the new Professional is gradually taking shape.
I embraced this vision of the Beauty field a long time ago. It has prompted me to investigate the interaction, which modern science now acknowledges, between emotions and our biological state; in other words, the functions of the body which end up reflecting our appearance.
It is a tricky topic to tackle, and one that calls for a lengthy digression on Bioenergetics, on P.N.E.C.(psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology) and generally speaking, anything which may have been a part of the story of mankind from the outset, but which the Western world has only recently begun to rediscover. This is not the place to do so, but as far as I am concerned it can all be summed up in one simple concept: we believe we have control over ourselves, but this is merely a trick of the mind. Only when we stop listening to it and we actually perceive our bodies do we embark on change, leading to wellness, and finally to beauty.

Where Aesthetics meets Yoga?

This is where Beauty meets disciplines such as Yoga. Their roots might be distant, but they can provide a highly effective approach in the Beauty Centre as well.
In particular, taking part in the Brain Longevity® instructors course given by Alessia Tanzi in conjunction with the American Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation not only afforded me a further opportunity for personal growth; it also gave me the idea of including some exercises for my Clients in the work we do together. And to teach them how to use them at home each day to improve their quality of life, reducing the consequences of stress and achieving even better results in their own appearance.

The Beautician has an enormous advantage over anyone else working in wellness, namely the direct physical contact with the person in the form of massage. If we combine this with awareness and incorporate practices offering proven benefits to our health and quality of life, such as Brain Longevity®, we achieve outstanding results. Yet it also fulfill an important social purpose at a time when the population is ageing more and more, and lifespans are lengthening whilst degenerative diseases often linked to stress and an absence of positive relationships are on the rise.

Countering aging

Counteracting aging which affects our appearance is something we all dream about, and it is what Beauticians have always tried to do. But today we know that what we see merely reflects our experience. As a result, beauticians today can do a great deal to accompany their Clients through the various stages of life with health, wellness and “beauty”.

Stefania Candrina, Beauty Consultant