There is no need to refer to Lombroso’s strange theories with all its implications, because the ancients investigated and wrote about face reading from Aristotle to Johann Caspar Lavater with his studies in physiognomy in the 18th century.

Just think that each face communicates you something about the personality of the person, and our subconscious takes this information into account at first sight, through what we define intuition, to suggest us how to approach the person we are talking to.

This topic has been recently investigated and enriched by Andrew Verity, the founder of Neuro-Training in Australia and internationally, who has researched and discovered new information on facial features. He also created complete neuro-training protocols to destress the main traits.

If you master the main information about face traits clues, this can help you in relationships, even professional ones. This can improve the understanding of the other, empathy, communication and, given the importance of the relationship component in business, also performance at work. This is not at all an improbable theory: the studies of Edward Vincent Jones, Robert Whiteside and William Burtis have established that the link between facial features and traits of one person’s character are 92% accurate. This discipline is called applied personology and is based on statistically significant data, studies and empirical research.

What does the width of the forehead suggest us?


We are unique and we reflect our uniqueness also in the features of our face, from which some essential information can be drawn. The shape of the nose, the forehead, the mouth, but also the shape of the eyebrows, ears and the signs of aging that distinguish each individual as an open book.

The jaws give us precious information about authority


Quickly looking at someone you can have greater awareness of those impressions that we already feel ‘on the skin’ when we relate to others.

Each face has a prominent feature: the upper one belongs to those who are more mental, the central one to those who are more emotional and the lower one to those who are more physical.


The most marked feature of the face, the dominant one, will be the strength and also the challenge of character. If the features are balanced, no element will be particularly stressed. The face represents us and every sign of expression is part of individual beauty … yes, even wrinkles serve to tell something about us.



Face traits for business # 1

Face Reading techniques to be used in work and business – By Alessia Tanzi

Webinar Contents:

  • The history of face reading
  • Some principles for the practical interpretation of facial features
  • Mental, Emotional, Physical
  • The main features and how to interpret them
  • The noses: leadership
  • The forehead: self-confidence
  • The jaw: authority

When: April 13th at 6:00 pm – duration: 120 min

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