The power of choice according to Andrew Verity

That is a way to achieve the goals in a more fluid and faster way

I have just returned from a 6-day intensive professional course with Andrew Verity, the creator of Neuro-Training®, whom I have been following for 10 years now. These are always busy days both for meeting and sharing with Neuro-Trainer colleagues, and for the teachings, of course.

Neuro-Training®, or the way to train the nervous system to function in an integrated and creative way beyond the sabotage of the subconscious, has been a work in progress for 45 years. Andrew is above all a tireless researcher, so what he tells us is always innovative, surprising and amazing material. New and increasingly effective and cutting-edge ways to support people in their life path.



How the Neuro-Training® works

Neuro-Training® is based on complex procedures that can be understood and applied only after several years of study and practice, but in addition to that, Andrew occasionally comes up with tips that seem simple but are the result of the wisdom gained in 45 years of experience with people. There is one in particular that has come up these days and that I would like to share, because it is so brilliant and so simple that everyone can benefit from it, as of now. It has to do with choice. Choice (which is very different from decisions) is a unique tool of personal power that we often work with Neuro-Training®.

Choice is a unique tool of personal power

If you have not yet chosen your trusted Neuro-Trainer, or you have done so but you want to speed up the process, I am going to explain in this article how you can use the concept very simply to help yourself achieve your goals. Too often our desires and goals are the result of a reaction to something we no longer want. So, the intensity of desire does nothing but keep us tied to what we want to get away from. I will give you a few straightforward examples: if you want to lose weight it is because you no longer want to be fat, if you want to earn more it is because you are tired of fighting with finances or having limits set by the scarcity of money, if you want to engage in a love affair it is because you suffer from being single, and so on. What happens, however, is that in wanting to be thin or rich or happily married you remain attached to your being fat, or poor or alone.

So, if this hypothesis resonates with you (not necessarily specific cases, deliberately caricatured) and you realize that you have had a goal for some time that is not being achieved, you can do so: build the two following statements to repeat to yourself.

In the case of weight, you can say to yourself:

I choose to be fat” (after all if you are, it is certainly what you have already chosen at a subconscious level, even if the reasons elude you) and also:

I choose not to be fat“.

Build your affirmative pair starting from your “problem”. “I choose to … (what I no longer want to be, do, etc.) and also” I choose not to … (what I no longer want to be, do, etc.).

Doing so, you will loosen the attachment to the problem, your relationship with that issue will lighten and finally your desire can be fulfilled. We are the ones who decided to be stuck in our “problems”, in the first place.

See what happens.

Take Andrew Verity’s word for it.

Alessia Tanzi