Below is an excerpt from Luciano Ferraro’s interview (Corriere Della Sera) with Niccolò Branca

Has it served you in the company?
Niccolo Branca: “Very much. The first thing I did at Branca was introduce a code of ethics. The idea is that people within society are viewed not as means but as ends. Then we established environmental rules with herb suppliers from all over the world. We have launched papers on occupational safety and much more, up to the sustainability report”.

And you gave yoga as a benefit to employees during smart working.
NB: “Even before, thanks to a teacher who helps to deal with the stress of work. During the pandemic we continued with online courses. Of yoga but also of cooking, we have a rich corporate welfare”.

What is meditation?
NB: “Presence. Which leads to the tranquility of the mind. In order to observe what is happening inside oneself, and to have insight and clarity. From this comes wisdom and awareness”.

Did you come up with ideas for the job while meditating?
NB: “So many ideas, Einstein used to say that if you want to solve a problem you have to do something else. Sometimes a walk is enough, avoiding concentration. You have to free your mind to get the flash.”

Was his flicker born during meditation?
NB: “I converted Argentine capital into dollars shortly before the country’s default. Not only have I saved the assets but the entire corporate living organism, as I call it”.


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