Do you happen to come across recurrent unpleasant circumstances you find difficult to deal with? Have you ever observed how these represent patterns that tend to repeat themselves, perhaps with differences related to the context: names, places, times … but the situation is very similar or even analogous?

Do you have the feeling that all this makes the path towards your goals tiring and slower than necessary?

Our nervous system is conceived to keep on learning

These are very common circumstances and sensations, as this is exactly how our nervous system works: it learns through the “tests” that life places in our path. When we encounter a difficulty, we win if we find within ourselves the resources to face it in the right way. In that case we come out strengthened. And if we win, the next experience can bring us even greater success, because we have expanded our life skills.

Take the straight path, not the long tiring one

You can continue like this, experimenting through trial and error, or training your nervous system to prepare for future challenges so that you will be able to face the unknown by tapping into your innate resources, genetically given to you in abundance.

You can do that thanks to Neuro-Training, a cutting-edge Australian discipline, the only way I came across in my studies that allows you to train the nervous system to deal with the unexpected. And proceed more decisively towards your goals, facing challenges with courage and also tranquility, thanks to our innate resources.

Helpful? Almost necessary given the times we are experiencing.

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“You may have heard that Chinese proverb which says that a journey of a thousand kilometers begins with a single step. Have you ever wondered why the journey is a thousand kilometers long? Because they had taken the wrong direction !! ”

Andrew Verity