As we are moving on (hopefully) towards the less severe phases of the restrictions, make sure that you have started to grasp the teaching that this crisis is giving us. The virus will one day be overcome, like all viruses, but we will not have won the game if we return to live and work the same way as before (indeed, worse than before if we consider the rules that could accompany our lives). This virus is a turning point, but it is up to us to determine whether towards a clearly better world (more community, guarantees, transparency, unity and collaboration, equity, prosperity, responsibility, respect for the environment and the people…) or clearly worse (more abuse, poverty , inequalities and separation, weakness, impotence, aggression, insecurity …).

The 5+1 Cs of transformation

I take the liberty of borrowing the 5 Cs taught by Master Yogi Bhajan – I believe they are more apt than ever to guide us in this process of profound transformation, and to add one myself.

  1. Caliber, will make you deliver
  2. Character, will sustain you
  3. Consciousness, will carry you
  4. Courage, will bring you honour
  5. Commitment, will bring you trust
  6. Community, will motivate us

I added the last one as I think that the most powerful motivation in this unique journey can only be the “common good”, a community and human dimension that transcends our small and limiting personal interests.

A note on Courage

The opportunity is unique to face and overcome the fear of death, the one that many believe is responsible for countless lives not really lived. The fear of death annihilates us, makes us aggressive and suspicious of our neighbor, forces us to live in “defense”, depriving us of any expansive, expressive and creative drive.

We already knew before this crisis that we could die. Though, it looks like this simple threat of death perceived as closer now, has awakened that atavistic fear, sown terror, has defeated even the most fundamental capacity for discernment.

But we cannot truly live life if we have not overcome the fear of death. Fear of death does exist, but we can use it as a motivation to bring responsibility. Life, if the fear is so overwhelming, was only a pale reflection of what existence can mean to you and give you. So, that renewed courage becomes the antidote and the beacon that guides us.

“death is one of the best advisors of life” (Ana Rhodes)

We will all win, or nobody will win.

We will have won if we altogether have overcome the crisis, not just a few elected ones. The community dimension suddenly becomes predominant in this experience. All of this while we were physically apart. Paradoxical right? We can no longer worry only about our small or large garden, our well-being (or malaise) is intimately connected to that of others, in a broader sense: family, community, society, the world population.

Here is a meditation to support you in this process

Kundalini meditation is one of the most effective tools to support you in the periods of crisis and transformation. Here, I propose you a precious meditation taught by Master Ram Rattan Singh that will help you release the subconscious fears. Practice it everyday for 40 days.

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Alessia Tanzi, a business consultant, is an expert in meditation practices and personal development. She is the founder of Yoga-Coaching and trains business executives to integrate these practices in their day to day management tasks.