Corporate Yoga: Y-C on Repubblica Business & Finance section

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Oggi un articolo di Repubblica Affari&Finanza parla di yoga in azienda e di y-cToday, an interesting article by Irene Scalise on the Business & Finance section of Repubblica newspaper deals with yoga for business.

Corporate meditation is more and more considered in Italy, with benefits for both the companies and the people.

100% return on investment: for each 150 euro invested per employee, a 300 euros net benefit for the company is estimated.
In addition to a 30% increase in engagement.

The idea beyond these facts is that we can be much more effective by practicing regularly: meditation is great for strengthening leadership and stress management skills, as well as any soft skills, and enhancing team work cohesion (take a look at our programmes).

As Niccolò Branca says, the ultimate goal is to support people in the daily management of the challenges of their personal and private roles.

The point is to be able to develop self-awareness, or mindfulness: through meditation this is possible, and the result is to develop a profit that has the foundation on happiness of all people involved in the production process.

You can read the full article here

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