Founder/Project Leader

Business Consultant

Business strategy and organisation consultant and project manager in Europe and the U.S. since 1994

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Espanola, New Mexico since 2007

Yoga Coach

Creator of Yoga Coaching® training discipline for corporate groups and individual training sessions in Italy and abroad since 2012

Neuro Trainer

Certified Professional Neuro-Trainer from the Neuro-Training® College, Melbourne and the Italian Association for Specialised Kinesiology since 2015

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Ms Tanzi graduated from the Bocconi University in Milan in 1993. She has worked as a business consultant for over 15 years with leading consultancy firms (Mars & Co, ATKearney and the Value Partners Group) and top executives of major international groups (PepsiCo, Nestlé, Moulinex, Tesco, GS-Carrefour, Unicredit Group, Telecom Italia, Société Générale). She has been practising yoga since 1998. In 2007 she became a first and second-level certified Kundalini Yoga teacheras taught by Yogi Bhajan and she is also a member of the Ikyta (International Association of Kundalini Yoga Teachers). She has been using Neuro-Training® since 2010 to support managers in reaching their objectives and full potential. She is a certified Neuro-Trainer by the Neuro-Training College, Melbourne, Australia and the Italian Association of Specialised Kinesiology (A.K.S.I.). In 2012, working with a team of highly experienced Masters and teachers, she has developed Yoga Coaching® and founded Y-C, supporting companies to empower their management teams to reach their full potential through innovative disciplines

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The one thing you have to do in life is spread the light.
Be the lighthouse.
Yogi Bhajan

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