Mind Body Exercise

Each exercise/ meditation is designed to achieve specific results

Yogi Bhajan, the Master who spread Kundalini yoga in the West, taught that we can achieve greater control over our minds and bodies by slowing down the rhythm of our breathing.
When you take deep, slow, long breaths, the mind is constantly focused. Whereas when your breathing is rapid, heavy and superficial, your mind cease to concentrate and focusing becomes more difficult.

Yoga Coaching mind body exercises are extremely effective almost immediately, especially when practiced regularly, even for a short period of time.

Our meditations are “Mind-Body Exercises” (MBE) which train your nervous and glandular systems to work more effectively. MBEs consist of specific combinations of breathing, postures and movements, mantras and eye positions. Each MBE is designed to achieve specific goals. They are simple (though not always easy), and suitable for everybody.