Turn off your anxieties

Can be used to combat tension and hypertension

Sit in relaxed position, with a light jalandhar bandh (neck lock – i.e. your neck is slightly bent towards your chest).

Keep your spine straight and your chest slightly lifted. Relax your arms down at your sides. Raise your hands in front of the center of your chest at the level of your heart. Your palms should face each other. Curl your fingers into a loose fist. Keep your thumbs extended and point them upwards. Bring your hands toward each other until your thumbs touch each other and are side by side. The rest of your hands stay separated. Fix your eyes on the knuckles of your thumbs. Narrow your eyelids to a squint.

Focus your concentration on your breathing. Create a steady breathing rhythm with the following ratio and pathway:

Inhale through your nose slowly, for about 8 seconds.

Hold your breath for about 8 seconds

Release the breath slowly through your nose for 8 seconds

Do not inhale for 8 seconds

Once this pattern is set, you can gradually increase the time from 8 seconds to as long as you like. If you increase the lenght time, keep the time equal in each section of your breathing.

To finish: at the end of a session, inhale deeply, stretch your hands over your head and open and close your fists several times. Relax your breathing.

Time: begin this practice gradually. Start with 3 minutes. Increase the time to 11 minutes.

This MBE has many effects. It can be used to combat tension and hypertension. It also creates a deep concentration and a detachment from the issues occupying your conscious and subconscious. Once you identify the issues about which you are preoccupied, you can release youself  from them. Sometimes you will hear strong inner sounds such as drums, bells, whistles, etc. Part of this can be due to the pressure adjustments in the skull and eardrums. If the sounds develop in deep meditation, it is a normal adjustment of the neurons in the cortex. This phenomenon will pass quickly and should not distract you from the primary focus and process of the MBE.