Health and safety at work is more and more a topical issue. The welfare conditions of workers, at all levels, are worsening, as emphasized in the Global Wellness Institute in its recent report “The Future of Wellness at Work“. Statistics show that the situation is free-falling, partly because of a labor market and a society characterized by increasing instability. It is estimated that the cost of “malaise” at work accounts for 10-15% of GDP. More and more workers live daily strong pressures at work, have little motivation, get sick (growing chronic diseases are diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, but so do the less serious annoyances, often no less disabling).

For decades, the ancient Masters referred to the need to prepare for the advent of the so-called “Age of Aquarius.” No, it’s not my longing for ’68  (I was not born yet when “Aquarius” was on air), but the reference to an ancient knowledge that have described the characteristics of the time we are living with extraordinary precision, many years before it occurred .

So, thanks to simple and powerful ancient practices we can train the nervous system to be more efficient and more fit to respond to a time when change is the norm, knowledge is taken for granted, but wisdom is necessary for us as the air, the decisions to be taken are continuous (and immediate … and the right ones!), we have to take on the responsibility for our actions (there are no heads , masters, refer to … only from time to time and it is not sure), we must be in good health and have enough vitality to respond efficiently to emergencies and stress … and I could continue the list.

We spoke about all that at AIFOS (Italian Association of Safety at Work Trainers) conference on Thursday November 24 in Brescia.

Yoga Coaching® provides “new” tools for “old” topics which today are tackled in an innovative ways.

In 2017 in Italy we will train the Health and Safety and trainers through the Yoga Coaching® method. You can read more here.

Alessia Tanzi