Y-C at Accademia Branca

2020-03-23T15:51:42+01:00October 30th, 2019|

Y-C again at Accademia Branca - thank you for two intensive workshop days. Y-C team: Alessia Tanzi, Marta Medina and Leila Smetana. Postural yoga, breathing exercises, stress resistance techniques, working [...]

Do you think we are born creative?

2020-03-16T12:19:30+01:00October 8th, 2019|

An interview with Sergio Rodriguez, CEO and Creative Director, JWT Y-C: Sergio, do you think we are born creative or can we learn it? Sergio Rodriguez: My “creative calling” began [...]

The Brain Fitness workshop at CFMT

2020-03-23T15:54:45+01:00July 5th, 2019|

The executive brain's functions: focus on goals, neurological efficiency, memory, clarity of thoughts and creativity. We have worked on all of that at the Brain Fitness workshop - the last [...]

Breath Frequency exercises

2020-02-16T20:09:20+01:00June 15th, 2019|

The nature of breathing Generally, we breaths 15-20 times per minute. If the breath is very short, you can reach 24, even 30. A person who wants to live a long [...]

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