People often ask us: “What exactly is Yoga Coaching about?”. Whilst the areas we can tackle with this discipline are evident – decision-making, energy resources, charisma and leadership skills, handling stressful and difficult situations effectively – what is less clear is just how we go about it, and what the links between yoga and behaviour are.

This can only really be grasped by trying it for ourselves and experiencing the effects it has (beforehand we can only consult the many scientific studies that prove it), but in order to make the “how” clearer, we decided to shoot a video.

We called a number of pupils/ managers / friends together for what proved to be a great day, over the course of which we practised meditation and discussed a topic we hold dear: “Business, success and spirituality”. In short, what spirituality means for a Top Executive, what it adds or changes in how we do business, and what the meaning of success and prosperity really is. The results proved very interesting, and we’ll be sharing them in a forthcoming article.

The person we asked to bring all the threads together is a friend of ours, and one of Italy’s finest directors: Giorgio Diritti, who made Il vento fa il suo girol’Uomo che verrà and Un giorno devi andare. Along with another friend, Bologna-based composer Marco Biscarini, who co-wrote the music used in Giorgio’s films with Daniele Furlati, they filmed and recorded the great day we had together.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see the result, which for the time being is in production!