The third edition of Brain & Career Longevity 2020 will take place in two cities this time: Milan and Rome

We start on March 26th in Rome, while the edition in Milan starts on May 8th.


The course constitutes a theoretical-practical guide of self-management: a vademecum on the essential elements that determine managerial longevity and a protocol of Neuro-Training® exercises based on the most recent neuro-scientific knowledge to train oneself to move forward quickly, with agility and above all pleasure in one’s professional journey. To keep control over one’s career and not give it to others .

The course consists of three parts:

1.The secrets of managerial longevity (Rome, March 26th and Milan, May 8th)
2.Longevity, energy and joy (Rome, May 12th and Milan June 15th)
3. Longevity and brain fitness (Rome, June 10th and Milan July 10th)

All details are available on the CFMT website