We provide powerful tools that will allow you and your company to enjoy real benefits and achieve business goals

Companies look to Y-C training courses to make their management teams more effective, successfully meet upcoming company challenges and achieve business goals more rapidly.

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Y-C helps companies to empower their management team using up-to-date techniques that enable the mind to be more effective within a short period of time through the wisdom of the body.

Yoga Coaching®

Yoga Coaching® is a training and development skill set with specific manager objectives based on a careful selection of tools from the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga. Yoga Coaching® has been developed exclusively by Alessia Tanzi working in synergy with a team of highly experienced Masters and teachers.

Although “social metrics” as opposed to quantitative measures, are by definition hard to demonstrate, the effects on business of stress and unfocused decision making are well documented. A more focused mind means a more focused and efficient decision making process – one of the primary goals and benefits of Yoga Coaching for the corporation and its managers.

Yoga Coaching® is designed to transmit concrete, self-use tools that participants can begin using immediately in both the company and the private sphere.

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