The higher the level, the greater the challenges and pressure.

Thanks to company yoga programmes, male and female employees can now learn how to slow their breathing rhythms naturally. This improves their physical, emotional and mental health immensely as well as boosting their ability to take intuitive decisions, make the right choices and generally operate more effectively.

Mindful workThousand-year old techniquesEfficacy

Meditation for companies is a modern breakthrough. Many companies, especially in the USA, but also in Italy, now opt to invest part of their budget in schemes where employees are given time and space for physical and psychological relaxation. These tend to focus on yoga and meditation, as numerous scientific studies have shown them to be particularly effective. The most notable research on these matters has been conducted by the American scientist Herbert Benson in collaboration with the Harvard Medical School and his own Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine.

The reasons are mainly cultural. David Gelles, the New York Times journalist and author of the book “Mindful Work” points out that in the past our society has been influenced by the beat culture, the hippy phenomenon and oriental mysticism.

Over the years the eastern and western worlds have begun to interact and share their knowledge. So, today, we can benefit from techniques that are thousands of years old and which offer new, effective and alternative ways to solve our problems.


Excessive stress, a lack of mental lucidity, physical exhaustion and burn-out are all potential side-effects of company life, especially for people in positions of responsibility.


Meditation in the workplace has been so successful that it has even been adopted by the British National Institute for Health (NICE) to treat pathologies like depression.

Using these techniques boosts the well-being of both the company and the individual. It gives employees the tools they need to face challenges successfully and ensures that company team members are healthy, motivated and satisfied.

Meditation offers companies a wide range of benefits:


Y-C offers both group and individual company yoga and meditation sessions.
Group sessions last half or a whole a day and are organised in tailor-made programmes lasting for 2-6 sessions held at monthly intervals.

A typical Yoga Coaching® session is organised as follows

Home practice instructions

3-11 minutes daily practice to be performed alone. Rules for starting and performing exercises easily and effectively.



Sharing any feed-back is useful to deepen the experience and get out the most from it.



Yogic principles and down-to-earth Yogic teachings. How and why these exercises work on the systems and help achieve results.


Mind-Body Exercises

Short sets of exercises that involve breath, movements &postures, mantra, focus.

Y-C’s programmes are specifically designed for business men and women and are communicated in terms that people are familiar with

Each exercise is designed to meet specific results that are useful for business people.

The exercises do not involve stretching and are in no way dangerous for people not used to doing sports

Practice areas must be provided by the company, which means any normal meeting room as no special facilities are needed

All the exercises can be done either sitting or standing in an office, and wearing normal clothes

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