Neuro-Training® is a cutting-edge discipline that originates from Applied Kinesiology, a technique created in 1964 by Dr. George Goodheart. Goodheart discovered a direct connection between organs, muscles and meridians (energy paths within the human body). Since then, the discipline has been enhanced, developed and tested by the Australian researcher, Andrew Verity, founder and Director of the College of Neuro-Training® in Australia and Europe. Andrew is also the author of the book The efficient CEO brain.

Neuro-Training® operates at a bioenergy level. It is based on the principles of quantum physics, the holographic paradigm, the latest breakthroughs in the neuro-scientific environment and the concept of cellular memory that allows our body to record physical, mental and emotive experiences.

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Ideology limits the brain where curiosity opens the heart  (Andrew Verity)

In this video Fabrizio Leo, Professional Neuro Trainer in charge of the Neuro Training College of Bologna, explains how you can dramatically improve the quality of your life through Neuro Training.

Neuroscience as applied to business.

Neuro- Training® is a complete discipline that provides the subconscious with new and better options to what it has already experienced. The Nervous System will act out the new options as if they had always been there, resulting in behavior and life pattern changes. It increases competence, congruence and focus in any area worked on during the session.

Alessia Tanzi is one of only four top professionals in Italy that were honored with the Professional Neuro-Trainer diploma from Andrew Verity.

What is Neuro-Training®?

Neuro-Training® can be termed “a practical method based on combining principles from different human sciences whose effectiveness has been proven. It challenges the subconscious through the nervous system to find what individuals really need to overcome the challenges they face, raise  energy levels and support their own evolution”. This is how its founder, Australian researcher Andrew Verity, defines it.

Neuro-Training® is an evolution in Applied Kinesiology (then Specialised Kinesiology), an all-Western discipline created as a result of the inspirational work of many scientists and researchers, principally American, from 1960 to the present day.

For me, Neuro-Training is the utmost expression of what we can achieve today, in harmony with a rhythm and pace of change which has only been witnessed in the last few years. The aim is to increase our personal power and have a tangible effect on our existence, in keeping with the goals we set ourselves every day.

What are the benefits then?

I first became familiar with Neuro-Training ® in 2010. Together with Kundalini Yoga, which I had been doing for a number of years, it helped me get back on my feet and, in a certain sense, to be reborn following one of the hardest challenges I had ever faced: the sudden loss of my brother Gianmaria.

It also helped me to change my life and concretely build it like a dress designed around my passions, talents and deepest desires. Moving from business consultancy, which I loved but for which I felt I had exhausted my contribution, to an original project that allows me today to give greater and much more precious value to my clients.

Have you ever heard anyone say that, regardless of what we want to achieve in life, if we can imagine it then we can do it? It is true, that is how our subconscious and our nervous system work. But how? We have often tried it to no avail. Resistance, beliefs that hold us back and fears can all create obstacles. Through Neuro Training, we can dismantle those very forms of resistance which often keep us chained to our own limiting mechanisms. We then have the means to access greater freedom and personal fulfilment.

The individual sessions make it possible to work specifically on personal and professional objectives, with the awareness that the benefits also make themselves felt in other spheres not tackled during the session.

In addition, at the end of the session Neuro-Training allows us to identify (asking the subconscious of the person in front of me, this being the most reliable interlocutor of all) the most effective form of meditation for that person, at that given moment in time and for the specific goal he or she is aiming to achieve. The form indicated is therefore the kind of meditation which will dismantle those mechanisms which are hampering the person. Yoga Coaching meditation does in fact take many forms, and each kind is useful for a given context or objective. Generally speaking, I invite participants to choose the one that suits them best by calling on their intuition, as this is a task which is not particularly rational in nature. But when I can ask their subconscious directly, I know we can’t go wrong.

Independent meditation on a daily basis (5-15 minutes a day), when identified in this way, acts as an accelerator which supports the person on his journey towards change, allowing him or her to be the motor and the protagonist of that change in full.

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