Neuro-Training® is a cutting-edge discipline that originates from Applied Kinesiology, a technique created in 1964 by Dr. George Goodheart. Goodheart discovered a direct connection between organs, muscles and meridians (energy paths within the human body). Since then, the discipline has been enhanced, developed and tested by the Australian researcher, Andrew Verity, founder and Director of the College of Neuro-Training® in Australia and Europe. Andrew is also the author of the book The efficient CEO brain.

Neuro-Training® operates at a bioenergy level. It is based on the principles of quantum physics, the holographic paradigm, the latest breakthroughs in the neuro-scientific environment and the concept of cellular memory that allows our body to record physical, mental and emotive experiences.

Ideology limits the brain where curiosity opens the heart  (Andrew Verity)

In this video Fabrizio Leo, Professional Neuro Trainer in charge of the Neuro Training College of Bologna, explains how you can dramatically improve the quality of your life through Neuro Training.

Neuroscience as applied to business.

Neuro- Training® is a complete discipline that provides the subconscious with new and better options to what it has already experienced. The Nervous System will act out the new options as if they had always been there, resulting in behavior and life pattern changes. It increases competence, congruence and focus in any area worked on during the session.

Alessia Tanzi is one of only four top professionals in Italy that were honored with the Professional Neuro-Trainer diploma from Andrew Verity.