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In today’s complex and uncertain business panorama, the responsibility of being a manager and making important decisions can often seem too hard to bear.

Multi-channel strategies, information overload, continual changes in organisation, personnel and markets, continual demands for rapid decision-making, increasingly blurred roles and responsibilities and depleted resources all compound this prevailing sense of uncertainty.

Bearing the burden of this level of responsibility can lead to stress, a lack of energy, a drop in motivation and a failure to fully express the potential of one’s team.

Making the right decisions is the biggest challenge of our times. We have now entered a new business era where solving the old problems requires new approaches and solutions

Energy, mental clarity and resilience are all essential, as every manager must be a solid benchmark for their team.

Achieving successful results is closely linked to our physical, emotional and mental state. The quality of our daily decision-making depends on it, as does our own wellbeing.

Company coaching is specifically designed to help people, groups and organisations become more effective when operating in complex and challenging situations.

Yoga Coaching® is combined with company coaching activities that focus on specific work teams, as when applied together, these two methods complement each other to increase the quality of the end results.

Through problem solving exercises and interactive group sessions, proven strategies and methods are passed on in order to increase awareness and energy within the group, share best practices and diffuse contrasts and conflicts. The concepts acquired can then be seamlessly applied to daily activities to produce rapid, high-impact, long-lasting changes.

The main focus areas are:

  1. boosting confidence in yourself and others
  2. developing and choosing a team strategy (the big picture)
  3. harnessing group strengths to achieve results
  4. increasing team spirit and communication
  5. lateral thinking and creativity
  6. maintaining motivation and individual performance
  7. programming and analysing results

The aim of this is to reinforce team spirit and motivation and equip participants with the tools they need to meet challenges confidently and effectively.

The programmes are specifically designed for the customer company and group, and to help with the group company coaching activities, Y-C has enlisted Alvaro GafaroBarrera. Alvaro Gafaro is a management consultant with over 25 years’ experience and one of Europe’s leading experts in Executive Coaching. He has helped expand numerous major European and American multinationals by conducting company coaching sessions with top managers at leading companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Vodafone, TIM, Barilla and many more.

The integrated company coaching programme includes both individual and group sessions:

  1. group training days
  2. individual coaching sessions, if included
  3. online questionnaires (pre-course + progress check)
  4. individual exercises between modules:
    • breathing / meditation, 10 minutes a day
    • exercises for applying concepts to real life situations

The contents are transmitted using mainly unconventional learning techniques, i.e. experience-based activities that make learning both stimulating and productive.

The course has a developmental structure in which individual progress is carefully monitored. Each day, in fact, is built on the meetings that have gone before and the individual training carried out between group sessions.

The results can be measured at the end of the course using:

  1. Online quality assessment questionnaires
  2. KPI monitoring

Target: a specific team, or a select group, either predefined or simply enrolled.

Group: maximum 15 people

Lasting: 3-9 months

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