Next Generation Managers

An intensive program for young and upcoming executives
By Giacomo 6 months ago

NGM equals to

The present environment is highly challenging: the rules of the game have changed and keep on changing at all levels. Change is constant: managers are required to exhibit qualities that are different from the ones that made them successful in the past. They need to be able to concentrate and transition to a higher level of consciousness and self-awareness to excel. Increased focus, energy, resilience and leverage in addition to rational thinking, excellent organization and hierarchies are now essential to achieve and maintain higher levels of efficiency and productivity – not only “nice to have…”.

The NGM Program is a full service integrated training program through which young managers and management teams will be able to transition in the current environment to better support and drive their companies through a higher level of effectiveness in decision making and career and life development.

The younger generations are the foundation on which companies must built over the forthcoming decades. They are also the groups most recommended for embodying this new mode of management.


The program is specifically designed and customized according to the composition and objectives of the group.

Preliminary one-to-one meetings and assessments

group trainings

one-to-one program sessions



Young managers


Maximum 15 people


1-3 whole non consecutive days

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