An individual program to help executives and entrepreneurs reach specific goals
By Alessia Tanzi 4 years ago
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Today, skills that were once seen as “soft” have now become “must haves” for managers who wish to reach the highest heights by combining business results with personal and team satisfaction, values and well-being.

Intuition, energy management, and an active and subjective control of one’s thoughts, words, and actions make the difference. This involves training in mental clarity and focus, character, discipline and tenacity, commitment, resilience, consistency, self-responsibility, frankness, awareness, wisdom, charisma, personal impact, open-mindedness, satisfaction and courage.

One-to-One coaching is an individual experience in which the participant is accompanied on a journey of self-awareness where the guide is their own personal “vision” of what their real goals are.

The experience consists of three macro-phases:

  • Defining values, goals and vision
  • Training in how to reach goals
  • Redefining goals and consolidating new experiences (personal and professional)

Yoga Coaching® and Neuro-Training® are the disciplines used to accompany participants in this experience. Through the coaching provided during sessions and individual exercises the nervous system is trained to attain your own personal vision by eliminating the obstacles formed by limited belief systems, stress and mental overload.

A 3 hour meeting is held once a month on a day that suits participants’ commitments and logistics.

The experience lasts between 6 and 12 months.

The coaching experience is conducted by Alessia Tanzi.

Target: Individuals. Top Executives or anyone wishing to work intensely and systematically on achieving their goals, performance and well-being.

Length: 6-12 months

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