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By Giacomo 4 months ago

Personal well-being, health and motivation are fundamental issues that every entrepreneur knows are key to a company’s long-term growth and for business, people, families, the local area and society in general.

They are issues that are often underestimated by the individuals themselves, who are often so caught up in the urgency of “doing” that they forget about themselves, their health, the importance of relationships and the deeper meaning of their work. It is not, however, difficult to recover this contact and awareness, as all that is needed is willingness, and a degree of know-how and self-discipline.

Yoga Coaching workshops are open to the entire company and are designed to communicate basic know-how regarding these issues, like what our physical, mental and emotional health depends on. At the same time, they give practical lifestyle instructions as well as teaching useful exercises for re-establishing a healthy physiological balance and developing in-depth skills.

The workshops offer a popular experience that seeks to sustain the personal development and welfare of company employees and is open to the entire company, so it also achieves goals such as improved interaction and extended team building.


The workshops last between 1-3 non consecutive days and consist of monthly sessions for an hour and a half or two hours, with no limit on the number of participants.

The workshops adopt Yoga Coaching® methods, and include specialist intervention (such as nutritionists) according to the issue in question. The approach is highly practical and focuses on participants’ daily lifestyle and involving the body in new habits (like breathing).

Each programme is specifically designed and customised to meet company and group requirements, goals, logistics and characteristics.

Some examples of the issues treated

better stress, anxiety and worry management

lifestyle and diet

daily energy and motivation management

sleep and regeneration improvement

intuition development and better decision-making

preventive approach to personal health



Open to the entire company


no limit on numbers


1-3 non consecutive days

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