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By Giacomo 6 months ago

Over the last twenty years, the continuous advances made in medical and scientific studies, tools and equipment have succeeded in significantly advancing and expanding our knowledge of what is commonly known as  “modern neuroscience”.

Today, thanks to the incredible, ongoing research conducted on neuro-physiological functions in human beings and the widespread awareness of these findings thanks to contemporary communication tools, modern neuroscience now plays a fundamental role in helping us enjoy a more informed personal growth in all life’s various spheres.

There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance

Knowing why we observe, feel and perceive the events in our lives in a certain way helps us gain a better and deeper understanding of our family, professional and social role in this increasingly complex and ambiguous modern world.

From a practical point of view, the ancient disciplines of yoga and meditation are a tried and tested way of training our nervous system to create “healthier” and therefore more satisfying personal and professional relationships, as modern neuroscience continues to show.

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BEN-ESSERE 3.0 is a two-day company course with a high degree of practical experience in which ancient Yoga traditions and latest generation neuroscientific knowledge come together to offer participants the concrete know-how and tools they need to gain a clearer understanding of themselves and enjoy their work responsibilities to the full.

The course combines an MBit Training approach that integrates the three Brains (Head, Heart and Stomach) with Yoga Coaching and includes theoretical, interactive and practical (breathing, meditation and “mind-body exercises”) sessions in order to provide participants with a simple and effective model to apply to their everyday lives.

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The BEN-ESSERE 3.0 course is divided into two modules held on two separate days (approximately 8 hours each), about 7 – 10 days apart.

The training programme features both individual and group activities that seek to provide a full and authentic understanding of the knowledge and practical experience gained.

The training sessions can be held in a normal meeting room, as long as it is lit and ventilated properly. No special clothing is required, but we suggest participants dress comfortably.


Alessandro Parinello

Alessandro Parinnello


Alessia Tanzi



a specific team, or a select group, either predefined or simply enrolled.


maximum 15 people


two whole non consecutive days

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