Women in leadership

An intensive program for groups of women in leadership positions
By Giacomo 4 months ago

Female leadership: build your own style

Man and woman are like the sun and the moon : fundamentally different and therefore suitable to cooperate
Ram Rattan Singh
Man is stable and firm, but if his polarity is not balanced, his stability translates to fixedness, and that fixedness will turn to rigidity, his rigidity to egoism and egoism to anger. Woman is lunar, flowing and harmonious, but if her polarity is not balanced, her lunarity will become lunacy, and her fluidity will turn to fluctuation, fluctuation to instability and instability to insecurity.” (Yogi Bhajan)

Female leadership is significantly different from the concept of male leadership that is widely accepted as sacrosanct by both men and women

We believe that the model of female leadership must be different, that it must operate in harmony with one’s own female identity, and that it can also be an inspiration to men and other women in today’s world.


These are specific, intensive programs that seek to enhance female talent in companies and optimize female talent integration so its benefits can be enjoyed at both a personal and a corporate level. These programs are directed at a select group of women in executive and middle management, and aim to provide practical tools that can be used independently, both at home and in the office.

The program leads the participants in an individual and team experience that gives the role of leader a deeper meaning by moving beyond the dominant model and blending individual character with a personal style of management in order to reinforce personal power with grace, flexibility and courage.


WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP is a program of 1-3 non consecutive days and consisting of both individual and group sessions.

The group training sessions are planned in advance at roughly monthly intervals according to participants’ availability. The individual sessions can also be performed remotely (Skype, G+).


Basic principles, down-to-earth Yogic teachings and how and why these exercises help achieve results on the specific area.

Mind- Body Exercises

3 to 6 sets of exercises that involve all the different Yoga Coaching tools (breathing, movements and postures, mantra, mental focus). Each exercise is designed to meet specific results.


Each trainee is assigned a 3-15 minutes daily practice that can be performed alone (at home or in the office). The rules to start and follow one’s practice easily and effectively are thoroughly explained


Each trainee is asked – if she wishes, to share immediate experience and effects, which is useful to deepen the experience and get the most out of it.



select group of women, either predefined or simply enrolled


15 people maximum


1-3 non consecutive days

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