Niccolò Branca is President and CEO of the historic family business, Branca International. He is also an expert in meditation, a discipline he has been practicing for more than 25 years and whose principles he applies to the management of his company. For 5 years he has also decided to offer his employees and collaborators meditation and yoga training managed by Y-C Yoga Coaching (Alessia Tanzi, Ram Rattan Singh, Marta Medina, Susanna Cesarini).

Corriere della Sera: Branca, the bitter taste of Milan to conquer the world, from the USA to the East

Niccolò Branca: “Finance tells you that you can do everything, but it is not like that. Awareness means taking responsibility for our actions: it applies to everyone, politicians and entrepreneurs. Today Italy would really need a little awareness”.

Niccolò Branca’s mantra is Awareness, or rather Economy of Awareness, which is also the title of his book, recently published and published by Marcos y Marcos

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