La Repubblica, in the Salute, Benessere section published a short guide to the most popular types of yoga.

Advice from experienced teachers regarding the individual types of practices and their benefits. Alessia Tanzi Y-C presents the secrets of Kundalini Yoga there:

“It is one of the most ancient traditions, and it is called yoga of awareness because it is a tool for discovering and realizing oneself and one’s own creative potential. It has the characteristic of pruning results in a very short time. The practice of Kundalini Yoga is a harmonious combination of asanas, breathing techniques, mantras and meditations.
It physically strengthens the nervous system, lengthens and tones the muscles, removes toxins from the tissues, balances the glandular secretions, strengthens the immune system, regenerates and tones the internal organs.”

What are the most popular yoga styles practiced in Italy? What are the characteristics of: Lyengar yoga, Ashtanga, Hata and Kundalini Yoga? Read the whole article posted here

Alessia Tanzi Y-C is a trainer and promoter of Kundalini Yoga for 20 years. If you find the La Repubblica article interesting and want to learn more about Kundalini Yoga aspects, please check also our website. There you will find more information, also an Alessi interview for Radio 24 which topic is the practice of Kundalini Yoga