Neuro-Training is a relatively recent discipline, based on the most advanced knowledge related to the functioning of the nervous system and ultimately how we function, we think, we acquire habits, we act, we motivate and even boycott ourselves. It bases its effectiveness on the innate ability of our brain to continuously regenerate new neurons, synapses and neurological pathways. It is a deep training that allows the person to learn how to access their internal resources (physical, mental and emotional) to create new and more effective neurological pathways. It allows you to increase personal power and achieve tangible results with respect to your goals.

It is applied and very useful in the finance sector. The extremely fast actions required to traders and asset managers, the strong emotional component that intervenes both in the choices and consequent actions on the market, and in relations with customers in the case of consultants, make neurological training necessary to govern all of this.

Alessia Tanzi, Professional Neuro Trainer and Founder of Yoga Coaching, interviewed by Annabella D’Argento on Le Fonti TV for the series “Women in Finance”.



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