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Mental coaching programs for best results

Y-C’s programs combine a Yoga Coaching® group approach with individual exercises and coaching. They are specifically designed for business men and women and are communicated in terms that the target client is familiar with. Particular care has also been taken to minimize the time required and maximize the results.

Each program is customised to meet the needs of the client company and is conducted with the back-up of an Advisory Board of experienced Masters and teachers.

We provide powerful tools that will allow you and your company to achieve real benefits and business goals

Yoga Coaching® Sessions

Y-C offers both group and individual company yoga and meditation sessions.
Group sessions last a half or whole a day, are organised in tailor-made programs that last for 2-6 sessions held at monthly intervals.

50% – Mind Body Excercise

Short sets of exercises that involve breathing, movements and postures, mantra, focus.

15% – Feed-Back

Sharing any feed-back is useful to deepen the experience and get the most out of it.

25% – Theory

Yogic principles and down-to-earth Yogic teachings. How and why these exercises work on the systems and help achieve results.

10% – Home Practice Instructions

3-15 minutes of daily practice to be performed alone. Rules for starting and performing exercises easily and effectively.

Each exercise is designed to meet specific results that are useful for business people.

The exercises do not involve stretching and are not dangerous for people that do not practice sports

Facilities must be provided by the company, which means any normal meeting room.

All the exercises can be performed either sitting or standing in an office, and wearing normal clothing

the programs include

Context analyses to establish goals, priorities and participants
Customised course design
Yoga Coaching group sessions
Individual coaching sessions
Brief, self-use sessions (3-15 minutes) to be conducted on a daily basis
Result assessment if requested

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