Disturbances linked to a decline in cognitive functions, various forms of dementia and memory loss, and the onset of Alzheimer’s are now the greatest cause of deteriorating quality of life after 65

Today, 1 man in 11 and 1 woman in 6 develop Alzheimer’s.

Treatments and above all healthy lifestyle habits involving forms of Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine (CAIM) have yielded scientific proof of just how effective they are at preventing Alzheimer’s and the general deterioration of cognitive function and memory.

The ARPF (Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation) based in Tucson, Arizona has been doing vital work to prevent Alzheimer’s and memory disturbances for over 20 years now, promoting scientific studies, information and prevention since 1993.

The result: disciplines and recommendations for preventing Alzheimer’s which were viewed as highly “alternative” niche practices 20 years ago, are now being accepted as “mainstream” by the scientific and medical community.

Alessia Tanzi is the only Brain Longevity Specialist operating in Italy qualified by the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation of Tucson, Arizona. Since 2016 she has been running a course called “Don’t lose your Memory!” at Bologna’s Primo Levi University for the elderly.

The approach of the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation is drug-free

These are the 4 cornerstones for prevention as issued by the Foundation:
Brain Longevity® Training: group courses of 8 sessions lasting two hours each
Courses of Individual Brain Longevity® Sessions (monthly)

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