Quick Win

Intensive programs to achieve rapid results in basic areas, such as energy, charisma and de-stress.

As managers we constantly seek to go beyond the limits set by daily life. We always want to be more efficient and to achieve more ambitious results. In its purest philosophy, yoga is not simply another discipline to make us better. It is a tool that helps us accept ourselves as we are. It is a path of understanding that makes us realise that we are no more and no less than perfect. All oriental disciplines are founded on this philosophy of acceptance and non-resistance. At the same, we (especially we Westerners) possess a healthy and powerful drive to achieve excellence.
Y-C helps managers walk the path of excellence with practical, profound tools.

Quick Win programs are rapid, powerful and designed to give managers the tools they require to sustain fixed or self-imposed rhythms.






5 group sessions lasting 3 hours each (preferably in the morning between 8.30 and 11.30am)

+ individual activity plan (1 individual session a day lasting 15 minutes)

+ virtual helpdesk (mail, skype)

+ lifestyle indications (e.g. diet, sleep, life style)