Human capital is the most precious resource in this delicate phase.

Human capital is the most precious resource in this delicate phase.
We are in the middle of a structural crisis that is bringing with itself a boost in digitization of many activities.
During the emergency, we found that we can keep on training with pleasure and profit, even remotely, with projects created especially for this medium.
We believe that the digital solutions should be considered as an add-on to the classic training in presence and not a substitute. Though, it certainly has many advantages such as convenience and lower costs.

We believe that never more than now can companies and people benefit from training, especially the one that encourages self-work, clarity of vision, awareness,
inner balance and personal effectiveness even in conditions of great complexity and crisis, typical of the era we are living in.

An unexpected and profoundly challenging context for companies

Companies need to support business operations and contain costs and activities in order to overcome the crisis without structural damage, while ensuring business continuity and employment.
Investment in human capital is the most valuable in this panorama.

We are experiencing an unprecedented challenge at a human level

Now, everyone is somewhat “left to her/himself”: your own inner strength, self-responsibility, clarity and balance constitute your guarantee for a reinvented viable future. Everyone has to develop their own transition to a new paradigm, as individuals and as teams. Working only remotely is extremely challenging because as human beings we need to be in relationship, and the sudden disappearance of most of the weak messages that make the communication straightforward makes digital cooperation extremely tiring.

Emotional issues

Taylor made courses

3-7 meetings of 30-90 minutes each

  • Ad hoc design based on characteristics and objectives of the group

  • Both theoretical and practical approach

  • Coaching and ideas for daily life (good habits, lifestyle, nutrition and fitness)

  • Breathing and meditation exercises, Neuro-Training

  • Team cohesion (relationships strengthening to maintain fluency in work despite lower contacts)

  • Virtual support (mail, telephone, skype)

Theoretical-practical webinars on specific topics:

90 minutes – Groups of up to 15 participants

Energy and Resilience

Energy is our daily fuel, to stay healthy but also to make our dreams and projects come true.

Brain Fitness

The brain is the organ that supports the organization of our life. It is an extremely complex, sophisticated and precious organ.

Vision and decision-making

The decisions we constantly make are prolific to the extent that they are inspired by the values and ideals we believe in, as well as by a clear vision of what surrounds us and the commitment of the people involved.

Immune Fitness

The physical and mental elements that determine the proper functioning of the immune system

Leadership and charisma

Leadership is a complex art that can be trained and developed.

Female leadership

The female leadership modality is naturally different and complementary to the male one.

Breath Coaching

Breathing is the main life-sustaining function

Introduction to meditation

Someone said that the best way to approach meditation is to know as little as possible.