Women in leadership

An intensive program for groups of women in leadership positions

Female leadership: build your own style

Man and woman are like the sun and the moon : fundamentally different and therefore suitable to cooperate

Ram Rattan Singh

Man is stable and firm, but if his polarity is not balanced, his stability translates to fixedness, and that fixedness will turn to rigidity, his rigidity to egoism and egoism to anger. Woman is lunar, flowing and harmonious, but if her polarity is not balanced, her lunarity will become lunacy, and her fluidity will turn to fluctuation, fluctuation to instability and instability to insecurity. (Yogi Bhajan)

Female leadership is significantly different from the concept of male leadership that is widely accepted as sacrosanct by both men and women

We believe that the model of female leadership must be different, that it must operate in harmony with one’s own female identity, and that it can also be an inspiration to men and other women in today’s world.



WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP is a program of 1-3 non consecutive days and consisting of both individual and group sessions.
The group training sessions are planned in advance at roughly monthly intervals according to participants’ availability. The individual sessions can also be performed remotely (Skype).