Key participants report better and faster decisions, increased intuition, more effective communication and faster recovery rates

ilaria fanelli
Ilaria Fanelli

Quality control laboratory analyst, Branca Distillerie

Working on myself and concentrating on breathing gave me a feeling of calm and tranquility, making me, for example, see the same situation from another perspective.

I discovered yoga coaching in 2016, thanks to a series of lessons held at the company where I work.When I started the course, I was going through a somewhat complicated period: big changes and important decisions to make, made me live that new chapter of my life with anxiety.Thanks to Alessia’s advice and daily practice outside of the class, I was able to manage stress and accept things differently. Working on myself and concentrating on breathing gave me a feeling of calm and tranquility, making me, for example, see the same situation from another perspective. It was a precious help in facing the daily challenges that life reserves for each of us.Since 2016, every year, the company offers us a different yoga coaching path, with the aim of contributing to the achievement of our well-being. This was organized also in 2020, in full Covid-19 emergency, through online lessons. It was precisely during this last period, which has been so tough for all of us, that I realized the importance that yoga has had in my daily life: despite the uncertainties, “staying at home”, having to postpone important things not for our choice, I was able to cope with the situation with an attitude which was certainly different from the one I would have adopted in 2016. This awareness makes me even more serene and encourages me to continue.

marina ventura
Marina Ventura

Brain Longevity attendant
Università Primo Levi, Bologna

Wanting to compare life to a book, not only have I turned the page, I have changed the book!

The first learning was about breathing: I was aware of my fast and choked breathing, almost apnea, but I didn’t have the tools to correct myself. Learning to feel my body and perceive where the breath goes is essential. Meditations have helped me, in addition to general well-being, also for my health in such a huge way that I no longer need any drugs. Dedicating time and psychic space every day to my well-being and seeing the results along the way was amazing!

Silvano Joly

Country Manager – Centric Software Italy

I am more focused when it comes to decision-making, and have lower levels of irritability and tension

The Yoga Coaching workshop proved to be an excellent experience for me: it allowed me to acquire knowledge and learn exercises I can put into practice in the office, at home or even in the car.

I have increased awareness of my own body, and controlling my breathing has made me more focused in decision-making as well as reducing my irritability and tension levels.

I was particularly struck by Alessia Tanzi’s skill as a Yoga teacher; this, and her corporate background, made for a winning combination.

Davide Pelusi

CEO South Emea – Morningstar

Enhance your breathing and expand the mind!

Through CFMT (the Italian Tertiary Management Training Centre), I was lucky enough to be able to take part in the “Yoga Coaching” course. I was curious to find out what Yoga could teach a manager. As a result, I became aware for the first time of just how important breathing is in our day-to-day lives. Even more so in critical circumstances, such as when taking a crucial decision, facing a tough situation or when we are forced to act swiftly.

I found it so innovative (if it weren’t so overworked, I would have used the term “disruptive”) that I decided to get my colleagues involved in a two-session course at work, as well as at a fair for financial consultants. In both cases, the results proved very positive.

Luca Orti

Business Development Director – BioChemie Lab

A simple yet tangible tool to make us more efficient in the workplace.

At the Yoga Coaching course, I learned to identify several points to focus on. They might seem obvious to many, but very few of us spend any time optimising them. They include how we breathe, charging ourselves, as Alessia called it, with “Energy”, as well as discharging it (I was very skeptical but it actually works), and focusing attention.

My approach to Yoga was an extremely pragmatic one, verging on cynicism: if it makes me more efficient at work then OK, otherwise forget it. The exercises I was taught are very simple. They force you to adopt a specific kind of breathing. As a result, we actually feel more energized, or more relaxed, as the case may be. This obliges thought processes to focus on the essence of a concept, hence we achieve focalisation.

In my view, people who generally fail to see their objectives through, might not find Yoga beneficial. But by the same token, I am now convinced it can help you obtain results in the simplest, most efficient way possible. I rarely dedicate more than fifteen minutes a day to Yoga, but I feel it has become an important part of my daily routine. This practical approach makes the course well worth doing.

Gianluca Sala

Head of Central Operations – Carglass SpA

Long-lasting benefits from daily exercises!

I first came into contact with Yoga Coaching nearly two years ago and I appreciated its benefits immediately. After just a few days of performing daily exercises – even for just a few minutes – I felt that it was highly effective and offered tangible results. If the exercises are performed regularly, the benefits can be long-lasting too.

Alessia has always succeeded in combining the teachings of a distant and antique tradition with practical exercises that can be performed in our everyday lives. Her references to recent scientific confirmation of how these exercises affect our body are also extremely interesting.

The exercises are very simple and are divided into groups according to the benefits they generate or the areas they focus on. So there are those that recharge energy levels after a taxing day, those that calm anxiety in the face of an important event, those that increase concentration before taking difficult decisions, those that stimulate restorative sleep patterns and many more besides.

All these exercises share one common characteristic, though. They can be performed anywhere and do not require any special preparation. This means they are like a toolbox that can be used immediately, whenever it is needed, in our daily, professional and personal lives, at home or on holiday, to help us get the very best out of each and every day.

Alessandro Abbondanza

Sales Director – Noccioltost Srl

Not a form of meditation that takes away from real life! Quite the opposite!

I am married, I have a 15-year-old daughter and I discovered Yoga – Coaching via the CFMT.

This is not a form of meditation that takes away from real life! Quite the opposite! In a series of simple, short exercises, Y-C has taught me how to effectively recover my energy, concentration and ability to relax. The benefits for my profession and daily life have been extremely clear and tangible.
Be careful of easy enthusiasm, though.

I spoke of simple, short exercises, but that does not mean they don’t have to be performed every single day. I hope that my experience can bring other people to Yoga Coaching. Learning to train the mind improves quality of life.

Andrea Tomasella

CEO – Panasonic Electric Works Italy

The immediate benefits I felt encouraged me to persevere with daily exercises

Yoga Coaching was an eye-opener for me, right from the very first lesson. The immediate benefits I felt encouraged me to persevere with daily exercises and I have enjoyed enormous advantages in the quality of my life and work. The anxiety generated by endless commitments has diminished and I can concentrate better on the situation in hand and operate more efficiently. My decision-making has also become faster and when I need to consider something more seriously, I can identify the key points immediately. Without losing sight of medium term goals, I am now more focused on the here and now, which has reduced my stress levels considerably.

The lessons are within everyone’s reach, including people, like me, whose body is not particularly elastic. This kind of yoga, in fact, focuses on breathing, and its posture management is limited to keeping the back straight and the hands in certain positions.

Andrea Bordogna

General Counselor – Repower Italia

Simple, clear and effective

I attended a Y-C training course at a critical moment in my life. And in general, I appreciated its simplicity, clarity and effectiveness. I go through my training routine every day and I certainly find it beneficial. I am very much aware of what is around me and (thanks to my training) I know how to handle it.

Gianni Cavalcaselle

Managing Director – DoubleTrade

A new key for the manager’s “toolbox”

An exciting and innovative training course that adds an extremely useful key to the manager’s “toolbox”. I particularly enjoyed the pragmatic, result-focused aspect of this course and being shown how much you can do, on even the busiest day, to feel good and be more effective, decisive and less stressed.

Lucia Tagliaferri

Sales Director Comsumer Goods – Essity

Yoga Coaching turned out to be exactly what I needed

I had been attracted by the idea of meditation and Yoga for some time, but I had never actually tried it out because I was convinced that you needed lots of time, and time is very precious for someone like me who has both a fascinating, but exacting career and a family with two teenage children to look after.

Yoga Coaching turned out to be exactly what I needed. Its viable exercise times fit in perfectly with my commitments and I felt the benefits right from the very first sessions.

Daily exercises have improved the quality of my personal and professional life. My decision-making has become faster and more effective and I have improved my mental clarity especially in emergencies and when under stress. Certain exercises have also improved the quality of my sleep patterns and consequently of my daily life. Following this positive experience I was able to offer Yoga Coaching sessions to the team I work with, too. This operates at an international level, even if the challenges are the same, and once again Yoga Coaching succeeded in bonding the members more closely and optimizing their individual input.

Carlo Liotti

Vice President and General Manager – American Express

Finally, here is a focus on the individual and on “unused” energy

After years of company training courses focused on technical skills and after years of experimenting with ways of improving managerial performance through team building activities, finally, here is a focus on the individual and on unused energy. Today, in the face of understandable, pragmatic scepticism, the idea that yoga can complement skills gained through years of company experience has been replaced by a discipline that succeeds in activating fresh, managerial vitality. My advice to all HR Managers: give your training programs “energy”!

Giancarlo Sirtori

Managing Director – Paybay

Beneficial for both the personal and the professional sphere

I have always regarded the emotive and psychological sphere of training with a mixture of curiosity and circumspection. But then I attended one of Alessia’s courses that gave me exactly the right stimuli and ushered me – on tiptoe – into a world I knew nothing at all about. And the result? I immediately enrolled a number of my colleagues and went back and did another course myself.

Now I regularly practice one of the exercises I learnt at the Yoga Coaching courses and I certainly feel the benefits in both my professional and my personal life!

Luca Previato

Reporting and Planning Manager – Auchan Retail Italy

The exercises are simple and natural, like breathing

It starts like this: you come together by chance, by fate or simply because the time is right. The need can be real and concrete: anxiety, worry, or a feeling of easiness that pushes you to turn to something new. Or, alternatively, mere curiosity or general interest. It’s normal to be a little sceptical. But if you actually go, then you are clearly willing to give it a try. Alessia is calm and her smile puts you at ease. The exercises are simple and natural, like breathing. It requires discipline and it will require discipline in the future. But the seed has been sown and will flower. Thank you

Luca Paccagnella

Sales Manager – Acquaflex

My capacity for reflection has increased remarkably!

I would like to thank you for the vast amount of practical and theoretical information I received during our meetings and for your skill in transmitting it to people, like myself, who are complete novices.

The benefits I am reaping are remarkable, despite the fact that I have only just started.

In particular, my capacity for reflection has increased remarkably in the interval of time (usually very brief) between an external stimulus and my own reaction. I now seem to be able to experience this interval almost in slow motion, so I can analyse everything, one image at a time. And this has brought numerous benefits to my personal, professional and family relationships.

Another substantial difference is the increased quality of my sleep. I didn’t actually have difficulty sleeping previously, but now I seem to sleep “more deeply” and “recharge” much quicker.

Paolo Targa

Luxury and Consumer Goods Advisor – GPT Consulting

Sincere thanks from my mind and body

I recently attended “mental clarity” and “energy and regeneration” courses at CFMT (Service Industry Manager Training Centre), both of which tackle the issue of how to apply the vision and theory of yoga to a manager’s day-to-day life. Roberta and Alessia both possess an expert technical knowledge of major human body functions and specific yoga techniques. The exercises I learnt during the course, and which I now practise daily, have considerably heightened both my physical and psychological well-being. So, my sincerest thanks.

Luigi Cantelli

Business & Tax Consultant – vistaItalia

All the tools you need to practise on your own

I found taking part in a Y-C training course an extremely interesting experience. Using traditional Kundalini Yoga techniques, Y-C presents an innovative model based on teaching the fundamentals of individual well-being and a healthy psychophysical balance.

It is also an interesting experience for people, like me, who have practised yoga in the past, but who need to learn how to do so independently, as they don’t have time to attend on-going courses. Y-C, in fact, gives you the chance to learn yoga techniques in an impromptu manner too. And this gives you a sense of achievement even after a single session, as well as providing you with all the tools you need to practise on your own.

In addition to the method I would also like to give a special mention to the teachers as they are extremely professional, technically proficient and their didactic approach is both enjoyable and exemplary.

Danilo Coppo

Sales & Marketing Manager – Cegeka Italia

A practical and effective course to help you begin to “feel” your body by letting go of your mind

A practical and effective course to help you begin to “feel” your body, from your head to your toes, by letting go of your mind for a few moments. This is how to enjoy a few moments of peace in the battle of everyday life. They are exercises you learn to love, just sitting on a chair, and they become increasingly personal. They are truly unique and “infinite” too, as they help your mind travel. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to get back in touch with themselves and especially with that “real” part of them that so easily gets lost in our busy day-to-day lives.

Francesca Di Salvatore

CEO – Guryou.com

Yoga Coaching, Wellness@Work

Over the last three years I have been working on Wellness Management concepts. Whilst doing so, my curiosity was aroused by the discovery of Yoga Coaching. With the highly professional support, experience and dedication of its founder, I embarked on a targeted and in-depth process which has enabled me to undertake a number of challenging activities at the same time. In so doing, I have been able to manage my relationships and excess workloads to best effect.

Breathing, the key to regulating our bodies and our actions, is a primary source of energy and one which deserves training on a daily basis. Yoga Coaching has enabled me to discover simple, useful techniques that make everyday working activities easier in the short and mid-term, achieving interesting and ambitious goals on a personal and professional level.

A Wellness@Work approach which is doubtless worth incorporating in the HR programmes of companies and managers alike!

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