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programma-branca-2016Niccolò Branca, President and CEO of Fratelli Branca Distillerie, has practiced meditation for 24 years. Recently he decided to offer Yoga Coaching workshops to his employees  in order to improvetheir well-being and boost business results. After the introduction, fully 60% of the employees have subscribed and practice their Mind Body Exercises regularly. 

Niccolò Branca also wrote a book about his experience: “Per fare un manager ci vuole un fiore” (as meditation changed me and our company)” (Pub. Mondadori, here a review by Alessia Tanzi).


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Alessia Tanzi, consulente in strategia aziendale ed esperta di pratiche meditative e di sviluppo della consapevolezza, allena i manager ad integrare queste tecniche nella gestione quotidiana del business. E’ la fondatrice di Yoga-Coaching, impresa che supporta i manager attraverso discipline innovative.

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